Failed Septic System

Don’t let this happen to you

No this is not a very shallow well! This is a failed septic system drain field. The customer stated that the toilet was plugged and backing up into the shower. They had no idea where the septic tank was even located. I found the tank and it was halfway under the porch. It was obvious that the tank had not been pumped out in a very long time. The tank had filled up and backed up into the home and also pushed solid waste out into the drain field causing the whole system to fail. This process took many years and could have been easily prevented by some simple maintenance.

If you’re on septic and don’t know where your septic tank is or when the last time it was checked, it’s time. Call NorthWest Drains, or anyone for that matter, and have your system located and checked. This service is usually between $100 to $300 while a new septic system starts at around $20,000!